Nursing Facility Initiative

Nursing Facility Initiative

Nursing Facility Initiative

One of our top priorities is to prevent unnecessary hospitalization for nursing home patients. Having recently received $15.2 million in grants from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, we can continue with our plan to implement our “Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents.” As one of only seven organizations instituting this type of program, we work in 23 nursing homes in 14 counties in central and north central Alabama. These are facilities that care for the most fragile and chronically ill individuals in our state. Backed by research that shows 45% of hospitalization for these patients could have been avoided in 2011, we are resolute in strengthening our collaboration with partners to reduce costly and avoidable hospitalizations for this population with the most complex health care needs.

Below is a link to an educational video as well as the slides from the video.

Educational Video

Educational Slides

Practitioner Payment Model Slides

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Below is a link to an NFI Payment Model educational video as well as the slides from the video.

October 2016:
Payment Model Video

January 2018:
NFI Practitioner Billing and Coding

In total, the initiative is working in 145 nursing facilities in seven states in partnership with the following organizations:

· Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (Alabama)
· Alegent Health (Nebraska)
· The Curators of the University of Missouri (Missouri)
· Greater New York Hospital Foundation, Inc. (New York)
· HealthInsight of Nevada (Nevada)
· Indiana University (Indiana)
· UPMC Community Provider Services (Pennsylvania)

AQAF has on-site staff to partner with the existing nursing facility staff to provide preventive services as well as improve assessments and management of medical conditions. AQAF is also working toward more seamless beneficiary transitions of care, and use of emerging technologies, among many other activities. The work will be subject to a rigorous external evaluation.

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