Know Your Meds Alabama

Know Your Meds Alabama

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The Know Your Meds-Alabama Campaign leadership team consists of a group of agencies and organizations across Alabama dedicated to the prevention of medication-related harm to as many as 25,000 high-risk Alabama Medicare beneficiaries. The focus of the campaign is to improve medication reconciliation, appropriate medication utilization, and reduce inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications among nursing home residents in addition to combatting antibiotic resistant bacteria through improved antibiotic stewardship.

The focus of the Campaign includes:
Patients and Families * Pharmacists * Physicians * Nurses * Acute Care Offices * Hospitals * Home Health Agencies * Skilled Care Nursing Facilities * Hospice Providers * Medical and Social Service Providers * Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) * Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) * Emergency Departments * Dialysis Clinics * Outpatient Clinics * Pharmacy-Based Clinics * Public Health Clinics * Urgent Care Centers

Campaign Goals:
By September 30, 2018, the care of 25,000 Alabama High Risk Medication (HRM) Medicare Beneficiaries will improve as evidenced by:

  • 40% Reduction in adverse drug events (ADEs)
  • Reduced 30-day hospital readmissions and avoidable readmissions for Alabama HRM Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Reduce the inappropriate use antipsychotic medications among nursing home residents
  • Recruit 100 outpatient settings to fully embrace and implement core elements of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Antibiotic Stewardship (AS) Program