URAC accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO)

URAC accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO)

As a URAC accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO), AQAF is committed to a fair and impartial medical peer review process that benefits both patients and physicians with grievances.

Independent review is a process, independent of all affected parties, used to determine whether a health care service is medically necessary and appropriate or experimental/investigational. Independent review typically occurs (but not always) after all appeal mechanisms available within the health benefits plan have been exhausted. The review may be voluntary or mandated by law.

AQAF’s reviewers are trained and credentialed to perform reviews and focus on appropriateness of diagnosis and treatment. If you are a physician and interested in becoming an AQAF clinical peer reviewer click here.

URAC’s accreditation helps ensure that AQAF’s IRO services are free from conflicts of interest, establishes qualifications for physician reviewers, addresses medical necessity and experimental treatment issues, and has reasonable time periods for standard and expedited reviews and appeals processes.

For more information about AQAF’s URAC accredited Independent Review Services contact Cynthia McIntosh cmcintosh@aqaf.com 205-970-1600 Ext 3506.